Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Strategic Planning

Bellwether turns data into actionable business insights. Then, we guide you to make informed decisions, whether you are prioritizing your portfolio, growing your business or planning for the future.

Portfolio Prioritization

Bellwether uses data analytics to support senior management in making smart decisions. We establish a process to help you create alignment and maximize the value of your portfolio.

Our client’s challenge:

  • A client came to Bellwether with the desire, but not the budget, to drive forward over 100 projects.
  • Due to an ad hoc process for prioritizing projects, high-value projects often went unfunded as the budget ran out.
  • A lack of agreement on critical value measures caused delays as decisions were continuously vetted.

Bellwether’s solution:

  • Bellwether started by connecting with senior management to identify future strategic growth targets and key measures of value. 
  • We led an internal team to develop a robust, transparent process with tools and governance for portfolio assessment and decisions.

The result: Our client was better able to manage its project pipeline and budget, meaning the team could focus on what mattered.