Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Product Development

With decades of experience in consulting and life science, Bellwether knows product development. We help you understand your customers, price your products, have a solid launch strategy and forecast future markets.

Launch Strategy

With more than twenty years of experience in life science consulting, Bellwether leaders understand the market, competition and internal hurdles. Whether it is a new product joining the market or a legacy product entering a new market, we develop launch strategies that align price, geography and messaging into a single global plan.

Our client’s challenge: 

  • A client wanted to improve its standing in the market by launching an improved version of an existing product.
  • The company needed to consider clinical trials, supply chain and geography in making complicated decisions about cost, time and risk.

Bellwether’s solution: 

  • We facilitated a cross-functional team to identify their key uncertainties, decisions and values.  
  • We collected and consolidated all data and assumptions and vetted them with the team.
  • We created a custom model to conduct complex probabilistic analysis. The model aligned the team on the drivers of risk and reward.
  • We led the team to create a set of high-impact strategies with trade-offs.

The result: The team presented this set of options to senior leadership, enabling the leaders to make a confident, informed decision.