Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Product Development

With decades of experience in consulting and life science, Bellwether knows product development. We help you understand your customers, price your products, have a solid launch strategy and forecast future markets.


The best sales and marketing forecasts work with – not against – uncertainty. We incorporate external and internal dynamics into robust analytics that help you prepare for what could be.

Our client’s challenge: 

  • Our client needed to validate the market and sales forecast for an early-stage project.
  • Its future market estimate, based on industry reports, was more than $1 billion. 

Bellwether’s solution: 

  • We identified the key market size and adoption rate drivers. Then, we used those drivers in the construction of a flexible, user-friendly forecasting tool.
  • We triangulated our estimates using alternative methods and concluded that the report over-called the market.
  • Our insights lead to the client terminating development and changing its investment priorities. Years later, the market size remains well under $1 billion dollars.

The result: We saved the client time and money by halting the development of an unprofitable product.