Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Product Development

With decades of experience in consulting and life science, Bellwether knows product development. We help you understand your customers, price your products, have a solid launch strategy and forecast future markets.

Customer Segmentation

Bellwether segments your customers into clear categories based on preferences, behaviors and attitudes. This helps you, and your sales and marketing teams, stay focused on effectively growing your customer base.

Our client’s challenge: 

  • A client came to us without a clear sense of its customer categories.
  • Responding to the market commoditization, our client needed to start an initiative to change its offering and sales methodology.
  • The company struggled internally to agree on the process for a needs assessment and a new product focus.

Bellwether’s Solution:

  • We started by understanding how the existing customer segments might inform purchasing patterns, behaviors and attitudes.
  • Then, we conducted a deep analysis of the client’s customer data and leveraged previous insights.

The result: The client had a focused marketing and sales approach based on clear customer segments.