Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Maximizing Value

Bellwether uses data analytics to deliver actionable insights that inform your unique situation. We help clients improve product profitability, enter competitive new markets, price products for different markets and determine the profitability of operating manufacturing plants.

Reference Pricing

Proper pricing for life science companies is critical but often complex. Bellwether creates calm out of chaos. Every market has different competitive situations, regulations and pressures. We frame issues so you better understand your strategic options.

Our client’s challenge: 

  • Our client wanted an improved process for approving country-level pricing changes. 
  • The team lacked a clear understanding of how pricing in one country could impact long-term pricing in other countries.

Bellwether’s solution:

  • We gathered reference pricing “rules” for the client’s major markets.
  • Bellwether created a custom tool with proprietary algorithms that allowed the client to predict the price and sales impact on major markets based on changes in one market.

The result: Our client had a tool for making easy and quick decisions about pricing changes.