Strategy Consulting for Life Science

Our Expertise

Maximizing Value

Bellwether uses data analytics to deliver actionable insights that inform your unique situation. We help clients improve product profitability, enter competitive new markets, price products for different markets and determine the profitability of operating manufacturing plants.

Competitive Entry / LOE

Bellwether creates advanced, user-friendly models to best understand the pricing impact in different markets. Competitive entry, especially for products facing loss of exclusivity (LOE), drives high uncertainty and risk of share and margin loss. Our expert team helps you understand your competition – not just here but also abroad.

Our client’s challenge: 

  • A client struggled to understand the impact of a new competitor’s drug in the global market.
  • The company heard common refrains: “Each country is different”, “There’s too much data” and “It’s too complex to understand”, but knew there was a way.
  • The client wanted the best strategy to combat its competitor.

Bellwether’s solution: 

  • We started by extracting the key drivers of market share and value for the therapeutic area.  
  • We developed a customized, easy-to-use tool that enabled our client to conduct “what-if” analyses of potential strategies in different countries.

The result: We guided the company’s decision makers to pursue alternative, data-driven strategies that optimized outcomes for each country.