Strategy Consulting for Life Science

About Us

The Bellwether Advantage

At Bellwether, we’re not siloed in our thinking. We help you make strategic decisions based on critical thinking and actionable insights from data.

Life science companies come to us with either of these problems:

  • A strategy built by a consulting firm that can’t be implemented
  • A confusing analytic tool that isn’t easy to use

Start your process with Bellwether Analytics and make the right strategic decision the first time. Bellwether’s expert team provides strategic insights based on your data and built to fit your needs.

Benefits of Bellwether:

  • Work directly with experienced partners (read: 20+ years of experience each!) who know consulting and life sciences.
  • Save money. Our company is small, hands-on and structured to keep costs low.
  • Save time. Our partners stick with you every step of the way, so there’s less back-and-forth and more efficiency beginning to end.
  • Bridge the gap between life science and analytics. Our experience means you won’t have to translate complicated life science concepts to analytics teams.

We are life science industry experts with years of experience.

  • Every partner has 20+ years of life science experience.
  • We have led pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, nutrition, and AI projects.
  • Partners have worked both for consulting firms and inside major life science companies.
  • We are analytics experts.
  • Our experience in both life-sciences and analytics means no need to “translate” complicated life science concepts to analytics teams.
  • We have experience in developing sophisticated but easy-to-use analytics using a broad range of platforms, anything from Excel/VBA to web-based tools.
  • We custom-build solutions for your needs instead of force-fitting “off the shelf” tools.

We are cost-effective.

  • The company is smaller with less overhead.
  • Partners are hands-on with all projects – you get significant senior leadership and experience from beginning to end.
  • Cost effective because we use an onshore and offshore model:
    • Onshore – industry and analytics expertise
    • Offshore partner – heavy duty analytics and tool-building