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March Madness Fun

For the NCAA Basketball tournament, we’ve been playing an auction game for the past several years. This year Bellwether Analytics has decided you should be able to play the same game we do! Instead of boring old bracket selections, try playing an auction pool. The idea is for your friends and you to bid on teams. The amount in the pool depends on the rules you, as commissioner, set. Set a deadline for the pool, and enjoy watching your friends outbid each other for your favorite teams or Cinderellas!

Each win gets you a percentage of the pool – for example, you can set it up so one win gets 0.5% of the pool, making the sweet sixteen could gets you 2.5% of the pool, and winning the entire tournament gets you 17% of the pool. This opens up a ton of interesting strategies:

  • Do you bid on the favorites and hope they go far, realizing an early loss hurts a lot?
  • Do you focus on inexpensive Cinderellas, and hope they grab a win or two?
  • What do you do when another player gets in a real-time bidding battle with you for your favorite team? Do you let it go, or go outbid them on another team?

This tool is set up to be very flexible depending on what you and your friends want. Click the link below to access the tool and then get 10-25 friends together and experience March Madness in a much more fun way! We’ve included full instructions and tips to get you set up quickly.

Go Illini and Colgate!

Click the link to make a copy of the tool for your own use. The link will take you out of our website to a Google Sheet. Note: You need to have a Google account to make a copy and access it.

Bellwether Analytics Expands to Offer the Full Suite of Capabilities and Manpower to Meet Your Needs

Bellwether Analytics, a boutique strategy and analytics consulting firm, is excited to announce a major expansion of our analytic capabilities. We have added industry-leading expertise and capabilities in creating customized web-enabled dashboards, global real-time analytic tools, big data analysis, and more into our existing strategic thought partnership and analytics. This combination of skills will enable Bellwether Analytics to provide simple, all-in-one solutions for our clients’ entire range of strategic analytics needs. Whether you need a rapidly built tool for a time-sensitive project, a full set of robust web-based data analytics, or assistance in designing a strategic or analytic process from beginning to end, Bellwether Analytics has the full suite of capabilities and manpower to meet your needs.

Bellwether Analytics is also pleased to announce we now offer the speed and cost-effectiveness of a combined on-shore/off-shore model. We have always been known for great value, and with our new offshore capabilities, now we can offer more services without more cost.

To find out more and see examples, please contact us by email or by calling 847-607-1115.